Nancy Pelosi Is Still Quietly Using Private Jets

According to her disclosures, Nancy Pelosi spent $43,663.80 with Advanced Aviation on private jets in March alone, making the ex-speaker the biggest spender on private air travel in 2023.

Located in Northern Virginia, not far from the nation’s capital, Advanced Aviation provides a variety of aircraft, from turboprop jets that seat eight passengers and can fly for up to three hours to ultra-long-range jets that seat 18 and provide a “comprehensive list of on-board amenities and sophisticated finishes” along with a flight attendant for flights that can last up to 16 hours.

Flying in a private aircraft produces the most greenhouse gas emissions. According to a report from Transport & Environment in 2021, its carbon emissions are ten times higher than those of commercial airplanes and fifty times more than those of trains.

Fox News Digital reviewed campaign finance records and found that California Representative Nancy Pelosi still frequently traveled internationally even after she stepped down as House Minority Leader and began advocating for firm climate policy.

Nearly $700,000 has been spent by Pelosi in recent years on charter aircraft, the majority of which has been paid to Advanced Aviation, her favorite company, for a very long period.

While Pelosi was at the helm of the Democratic Party, she lavished money on private jets. Her campaign spent a whopping $349,563 on charter planes during the 2022 election cycle. This figure does not include the $51,389 in in-kind travel provided to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. 

Most donations were made to Advanced Aviation at the behest of Pelosi’s campaign. At least once, it also used Clay Lacy Aviation, based in Los Angeles.

A review of her filings reveals that in October 2020, Pelosi began funneling money to Advanced Aviation from her campaign coffers, ultimately spending $659,169 on private jets despite being a scolding advocate for reducing carbon footprints and moving away from fossil fuels. 

As far as carbon footprints are concerned, she is Bigfoot.