Nancy Mace Says Jim Jordan Is Her Choice For Speaker

According to reports, Rep. Nancy Mace, one of the Republicans who moved to remove Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House last week, has announced that she supports Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan for the speaker position.

The Republican from South Carolina said on Sunday’s “Face the Nation” that she plans to vote for Jim Jordan for speaker.

She praised Jordan’s exemplary work ethic and said he could run circles around everyone when it came to making progress and pushing out policies.

She added that he would be a workaholic for our nation, stressing that they had become one of the most unproductive Congresses in decades. Mace said that she was looking for a speaker that is reliable and productive.

Eight Republicans, including Mace, and all the Democrats voted against McCarthy, making it the first time a House speaker was deposed in a no-confidence vote.

Reports show Louisiana’s current House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, is also seeking McCarthy’s seat. It’s not apparent whether the Republican conference is united enough for Jordan or Scalise to win.

Last week, both House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan and Representative Steve Scalise (LA) declared that they would be running for Speaker of the House.

According to Jake Sherman, proprietor of Punchbowl News, Steve Scalise is now the favorite to become the candidate for speaker of the House of Representatives for the Republican Party.

After Kevin McCarthy was suddenly removed as speaker of the House, Republicans secretly convened behind closed doors and voted to nominate Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise for the position.

A week ago, Rep. Matt Gaetz presented a Motion to Vacate the Chair, which resulted in a vote to remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House, which passed by a 216-210 margin.

Reports show Votes were cast to expel McCarthy from his position by eight Republicans: Biggs (AZ), Crane (AZ ), Mace (SC), Burchett (TN), Gaetz (FL), Buck (CO), Good (VA), and Rosendale of Montana.

McCarthy has officially become the speaker with the shortest tenure since 1876.