Mystery Lights Spotted Over Austin As Power Went Out

( As Austin, Texas, continues to face a winter storm that has left 85,000 electrical users without power, a video uploaded on social media shows bursts of blue and red light emanating from someplace in Austin.

A Twitter user from Austin shared a video of sparks and a brilliant blue flash. “Just got power back on in SW Austin after 90mins without and this immediately happens. Doesn’t look like a fire started but could see sparks showering down,” they twitted.

According to the Austin Energy outage map, 85,000 city residents were without power.

The 55-second video, which was uploaded to the r/Austin Reddit thread, features a birds-eye perspective of Austin.

The Reddit video shows repeated bursts of red and blue light coming from a location within the city can be observed for the first 18 seconds. The flashes stop for about 14 seconds, then start up again from the same spot.

The actual source of the light bursts is unknown; however, there was conjecture on social media that they may have been brought on by an electrical transformer failure.

Avery Tomasco, a Texas-based meteorologist, tweeted: “85,000 Austin Energy customers without power. That’s up from… *checks notes* … zero outages at midnight.”

With severe ice likely for the city’s metro region, the National Weather Service forecasters extended their winter storm warning for Austin on Tuesday morning until Thursday.

More than 1,000 flights were canceled on Tuesday due to the frigid weather throughout the country, with Southwest Airlines operating almost half of those flights. Southwest Airlines was the company that created havoc in late December when it had to cancel over 11,000 flights.

With the winter storm expected to reach Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia, residents of Austin and Dallas were forewarned to anticipate up to half an inch of ice on their highways.