Media Increasingly Pushing Agenda To Lower Population

( Many media outlets and talking heads have urged parents to reconsider having children because people, even small ones like children, risk polluting the world and wreaking havoc on the climate.

Over the years, having few or no children, headlines have appeared in news and opinion pieces. NBC News Think in 2017 wrote: “Kids are bad for the environment, according to science. Morality advises against continuing them.”

Another Guardian headline from that year claimed that saving the planet was a straightforward matter “Want to protect the environment? Having fewer kids.” Or, to use the words of a 2021 New York Times writer, “To Breed or Not to Breed?”

In a Washington Post analysis piece this month, a climate reporter posed the following query to parents and those who were about to become parents: “Should you postpone having children due to climate change? It’s difficult.”

With the example of a mother who “couldn’t shake the feeling that, by giving birth, she might be doing something bad for the earth,” that analysis piece encouraged guilt over having children due to climate change. She and her husband “decided that having a single child β€” could fulfill their needs without putting an excessive burden on an overheating world.”

The meteorologist Ginger Zee was interviewed by ABC’s “Good Morning America” earlier this month about “whether or not to have children at all.” Zee claimed the matter was personal and related to a contentious exchange with her sister regarding the latter’s choice to have a second child.

“I didn’t think you were going to do that again for the planet,” her sister said in disappointment. β€œShe believed I’d adopt,” said Zee.

Prince Harry and pop star Miley Cyrus made pro-child-limitation celebrity comments on GMA. At most, Prince Harry said he would have two in terms of children. Cyrus declared, “I’m not bringing in another person to deal with that until I feel like my kid would live on an earth with fish in the water.”

The New York Times and TV show “Dr. Phil” have promoted a man who wants to see humanity extinct. Women feel “spooked, anxious, and in some cases fully traumatized” due to climate change.

Children have been traumatized by climate change and lockdowns and masks.

A very lucrative field in the future will be psychotherapists.