Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Going To War With Fox News

Tucker Carlson, a megastar at Fox News, was fired on April 24. His presentation, which could be described as “iconoclastic and irreverent,” attacked both parties for their stances on illegal immigration and the war in Ukraine.

Conservative populists flocked to it in droves. Carlson regularly drew more than three million people per night, making it the most-watched cable news program since its debut in 2017.

His ousting has left Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene inconsolable.

Greene is joining the ranks of conservative celebrities abandoning Fox News over its treatment of Carlson. She wants retribution for Carlson’s wrongdoing at the hands of Fox News.

Greene went on the podcast of Republican congressman Matt Gaetz and said she and many others had had it with Fox News.

She claims her circle of friends and colleagues has uninstalled the Fox News app from their mobile devices. She said Fox Nation subscribers are leaving in droves, and many people are telling her, ‘I’m done with Fox.”

According to Greene, Fox News has given itself a self-inflicted wound by caving to the “woke mob.” 

Greene claimed that liberals and progressives believe in canceling people and silencing their speech, which they wanted to do to Carlson. 

Media Matters had lodged boycotts of his advertisers in a desperate attempt to bounce him off the airwaves. Greene feels that Fox News did the left’s work for them.

While the network claims it and Carlson merely parted ways, speculation abounds that the popular anchor was let go due to his foul-mouthed criticism of Fox News management in emails and texts.

Former Fox News hosts Glenn Beck and Megyn Kelly, both conservatives, criticized the network for firing Carlson. Beck called the decision by Fox “suicidal.” Kelly said Fox’s decision to fire Carlson was a “terrible” one.

Even former President Trump has come to Carlson’s defense.

The network is at a crossroads right now. Politics are heating up in the battle for president. Newsmax and One America News, two conservative news outlets, are probably drooling at the prospect of luring Fox News’s viewers away.

While Carlson will recover, Fox may see a drop in viewership. Conservatives will likely abandon Fox News in droves to follow Carlson.