Kamala Harris Getting DROPPED In 2024?

(FreedomBeacon.com)- It appears that some Democrats are starting to worry that Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t have the political chops to be President Biden’s heir apparent, according to a recent report.

The Washington Post reported on Monday that Kamala’s low profile in the Biden administration, her frequent stumbles in interviews, and the challenges in today’s political environment leave them suspicious that Kamala’s political future isn’t particularly bright.

The Post spoke both on and off the record with several Democrats who, though they personally like Kamala, aren’t certain she has what it takes to lead the Democrat Party or if she should even remain on the ticket if the 80-year-old Joe Biden decides to run for reelection.

If Biden chooses not to seek another term, Kamala would likely be pushed into the spotlight, facing the intense scrutiny and criticism that would come with it. And many Democrats fear that Kamala isn’t equipped to handle it.

One South Carolina Democrat strategist told the Post that it isn’t certain Kamala “has what it takes to get over the hump in our present environment.”

In an interview with Boston’s WGBH radio last Friday, Senator Elizabeth Warren said Joe Biden should run again in 2024. But when asked if Kamala Harris should remain on the ticket, Warren hedged, saying she would “defer to what makes Biden comfortable on his team.” She added that while she likes Harris, “they have to be a team.”

Over the weekend, Warren walked back her comments, saying in a statement that she fully supports both Biden and Harris running together, “and never intended to imply otherwise.”

The bigger problem Democrats face, however, is that Joe Biden is old and Kamala Harris is deeply unpopular.

If Biden runs again and wins, he would be 86 at the end of his second term. But according to the Post, Democrats are worried that Kamala just doesn’t have the political skills necessary to run a successful national campaign if Biden doesn’t run.

The former chair of the Charleston County Democrat Party told the Post that many Democrats would rather stick with old Joe than get stuck with the uncertainty that would come with nominating Kamala Harris.