Judge To Ban Use Of Cameras In Key Trump Case

When Trump was arraigned on alleged hush money charges on Tuesday in Manhattan, the judge presiding over the case said he would not allow television cameras in the courtroom.

According to CNN, New York Justice of the Supreme Court Juan Merchan declared the ruling Monday night, denying requests from many media groups to livestream the momentous events.

Only five photographers were permitted inside the court before the hearing started to get images of the previous president Donald J. Trump.

Judge Merchan’s choice showed he grasped the issue despite competing incentives to have cameras.

Merchan explained that it couldn’t be denied that the issue at stake in this indictment is of the utmost importance. He said no serving or former president had ever been prosecuted on criminal charges. The public and media have shown unprecedented interest in Mr. Trump’s arraignment. The public has a healthy appetite for the most recent and reliable information. It would be dishonest to imply otherwise.

According to CNN’s reporting, attorneys for President Trump asked the judge to deny the media’s request to have video in the chamber, whereas the Manhattan DA’s office informed the judge it had no stance on the matter.

Reports show ex-president Donald Trump pleaded not guilty to charges of making false business documents and conspiracy in connection with alleged hush money to two women.

Trump is the first sitting president to be indicted for a crime. On his recognizance, he was allowed to go free. Trump walked out of the courthouse without answering any of the reporters’ queries. He was expected to deliver a speech at his Florida residence on Tuesday evening.

Trump and many other Republicans have spoken out against Bragg, claiming the inquiry is driven by politics.

In related news, on Tuesday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of ex-President Donald Trump and ordered Stormy Daniels to pay $121,972.56 for his legal expenses.

This is on top of the nearly $500,000 she currently owes him.