Joe Rogan Responds To UFO News From White House

( Over the course of three days last weekend, President Biden ordered the military to shoot down three different unknown objects, leading some to wonder if America was facing an alien invasion.

Last Friday the military shot down a cylindrical object over the northern coast of Alaska. The following day, another object Pentagon officials said was a small balloon was shot down over Canada’s Yukon Territory. Then on Sunday, February 12, another unidentified object was shot down over Lake Huron.

During a Pentagon press briefing last Sunday, when asked about the possibility of extraterrestrial incursion, NORAD commander Gen. Glen VanHerck said he hasn’t ruled anything out, according to Reuters.

But on Monday, the White House did rule it out.

During Monday’s White House press briefing, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said there was “no indication” that the three objects were extraterrestrial.

When reporters asked National Security Council spokesman John Kirby about the possibility that the three crafts were alien in origin, he said Americans didn’t have to worry about aliens.

In an Instagram post on Monday, Rogan shared a screenshot of a UK Independent headline on the White House’s denials and suggested that with the White House ruling aliens out, he now thinks that it was aliens.

But it appears that at least one of the three objects wasn’t from outer space at all. Instead, it might have originated from a group of balloon enthusiasts in Illinois.

According to Aviation Week, the small balloon shot down over the Yukon Territory may have been a $12 homemade balloon released by the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade, a group that creates, releases, and tracks balloons that are fitted with GPS and tracked through ham radio.

The hobbyists told Aviation Week that the balloon’s last recorded position on Friday was off the west coast of Alaska and based on its trajectory, it was likely that the balloon would have been over the Yukon Territory at the same time on Saturday when the Air Force fired a $400K Sidewinder missile at an unidentified balloon.