Joe Rogan Asks Important Question About Elon Musk Attacker

( Last week, Joe Rogan came to the defense of Elon Musk whom he said was being portrayed as “crazy” ever since he purchased Twitter, and defended Musk’s decision to reinstate former President Trump’s Twitter account.

While discussing the Twitter Files revelations with independent journalist Matt Taibbi on his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan observed that progressives have created a false narrative surrounding Elon Musk by claiming that he is a “crazy” “right-winger.”

Rogan argued that leftists who claim this can never provide a single example of Musk being a crazy right-winger. Instead, all they do is repeat the mantra, “Elon bad now.”

Rogan added that when they are asked to give examples, all the arguments they think are related to Donald Trump. He said they’ll point to Musk reinstating Trump’s Twitter account. But Rogan argued that the same people angry about that don’t seem to have a problem with the Taliban being on Twitter.

Rogan told Taibbi that some members of the Taliban are paying for a Twitter Blue subscription to get verified checkmarks. He also noted that members of the Chinese Communist Party were also on Twitter and nobody on the left seems bothered by that.

Returning to Trump, Rogan said the former president is someone who should be on social media platforms. Arguing that while Trump is a “ridiculous person,” Rogan said it would be better for Trump to be on Twitter so his opponents can confront him. He said it isn’t right that Trump is “howling into the wind on some Q-Anon forum” where Trump never receives any pushback. He said the people who hate Trump should want him on Twitter so they can push back against him.

Rogan said now that Twitter’s Community Notes can fact-check tweets in real-time, any outlandish tweets from Trump can get fact-checked the same way President Biden’s tweets often do.

“That would be good,” Rogan added.