Israel President Uses Bible To Condemn Hamas Attacks

On Tuesday, President Isaac Herzog of Israel, reached out to a colossal crowd of almost 300,000 pro-Israel advocates gathered virtually outside the White House, making a fervent appeal to Hamas for the liberation of their captives.

Describing the rally as a movement for the innocent lives trapped under Hamas’ control, President Herzog voiced his demand for the immediate cessation of their imprisonment. He drew upon the rich tapestry of Jewish history to emphasize his point, invoking the biblical command: “Once again in Jewish history, we demand: Let our people go.”

This poignant call echoes the stance taken by Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh as detailed in the Book of Exodus. The biblical passage reads: “Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel: Let My people go.”

In his address, President Herzog also drew a parallel with the Holocaust, underscoring the urgency to avert another such horrific massacre. He referenced the terrifying rampage by Hamas in southern Israel on October 7, noting that the day witnessed the highest number of Jewish casualties since the Holocaust.

In a unifying appeal, Herzog implored: “Let us cry out together: never again. Never again is now.”

The rally, attended by a staggering 290,000 individuals, was reported by the Times of Israel to be the largest pro-Israel demonstration in history.

However, not everyone was as fortunate to participate directly. A sizable group of 900 individuals, brought together by the Jewish Federation of Detroit, found themselves stranded at Washington’s Dulles Airport. It seems that the bus drivers responsible for transporting them to a pro-Israeli event declined to do so, according to reports from Daroff.

This left the delegation grounded, unable to join the rally in person but undoubtedly contributing to the masses who sought to observe the event through digital means. Despite physical barriers and unforeseen circumstances, the power of modern technology ensured that their voices, and the voices of many others, were still heard.

The Exodus, the historical event marking the liberation of Israelites from Egyptian slavery, holds significant value in Judeo-Christian history.

Drawing a connection with American history, the National Archives noted that founding fathers Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams proposed a national seal for the emerging United States that referenced this pivotal event.

Although the design was ultimately not chosen, the proposed symbolism underscores the enduring resonance of this historical event.