Hunter Biden To Reveal Secret Prices Of His Art

The Arkansas judge overseeing Hunter Biden’s petition to have his child support payments reduced has ordered the wayward First Son to reveal financial information on his investment income and the sale of his art, the Washington Examiner reported.

Hunter is seeking to have his monthly child support for his 4-year-old illegitimate daughter Navy Joan Roberts reduced.

Navy, who was born in August 2018, is the daughter of former stripper Lundun Roberts, who had a fling with Hunter while he was having an affair with his late brother’s wife, Hallie Biden. Initially, Hunter denied that the child was his, but paternity was confirmed after a judge ordered a DNA test.

Roberts later sued and won child support from Hunter. But now, begging poverty, the president’s son is seeking to have his child support obligation reduced.

During a hearing on Monday, Judge Holly Lodge Meyer said both Roberts and Biden would have to sit for depositions in June. Additionally, Hunter is expected to provide detailed answers to questions about his income.

At Monday’s hearing, which both Biden and Roberts attended, Hunter’s attorney Abbe Lowell said he wanted to refute the tabloid characterization of his client as a “deadbeat dad” by letting the world know that Biden is “paying what is agreed to,” CNN reported.

Lowell argued that the president’s son is paying $20,000 a month in child support and has already given Roberts $750,000.

Judge Meyer scolded Biden’s legal team for abusing “the ability to redact” and ordered them to resubmit their filings, this time without redactions.

Roberts’ lawyer Clint argued that Hunter is “attempting to stifle discovery” related to his financial situation while “simultaneously” seeking to reduce his child support “on the claim that he now earns less income.”

According to the New York Post, Hunter will be expected to provide answers to written inquiries about his current financial state, including details on his art sales, investments, and other financial transactions.

The trial to determine what Hunter owes in child support is scheduled to begin in July.