Hillary Clinton Attacked For Shilling Merch Online Over Trump Indictment

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former FBI Director James Comey tried to capitalize on Trump’s indictment on Friday, prompting a response from independent journalist Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald called them out on Twitter.

President Trump announced his indictment for the alleged inappropriate handling of more than 300 sensitive files in a Thursday night post on Truth Social. According to Trump, his attorneys have informed him of the indictment, and he must appear in federal court in Miami on June 13th to face the charges. 

Reports state at least seven counts in the indictment, one of which is a conspiracy to conceal false statements and representations. The intentional retention of national defense material appears to be another charge mentioned in the indictment.

Clinton wasted little time trying to profit from the scandal by selling hats with the slogan “But Her Emails.”

After Clinton’s tweet, Greenwald included her and Comey in the discussion thread.

Greenwald said that Hillary Clinton’s illegal actions in handling classified information and maintaining a private server in her home had been verified by James Comey. But Comey openly despised Trump, so they decided against pursuing her. Greenwald said that Hillary laughs about it now.

After saying that virtually every US institution has suffered a massive loss of faith and trust among the public, Greenwald noted that only the military is respected in the United States, which is not a good sign in a democracy. 

Greenwald said that the flagrant politicization of the DOJ/FBI is very dangerous.”

Clinton was not prosecuted, but in 2016 then-FBI Director James Comey said in a press conference that their investigation showed evidence of violations of laws regarding classified information.

Despite this, Comey said the FBI judged that no “reasonable prosecutor”  would pursue such a case.

In 2023, there are loads of unreasonable prosecutors, all with TDS.