Governor’s Office Snaps Back At Joe Biden

( The White House criticized Greg Abbott’s decision to transport migrants to Washington, D.C., in a bus, and the office of the Texas governor (R) fired back.

A busload of migrants was dropped off in front of Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence at the Naval Observatory over the weekend, drawing attention to Abbott. Abdullah Hasan, a spokesman for the White House, accused the governor of engaging in “political games” with his “cruel, dangerous, and shameful stunt.” The dropoffs were the most recent in Abbott’s campaign to transport migrants to regions of the country with Democratic governments.

Renae Eze, a spokeswoman for Abbott’s office, retaliated by accusing the Biden administration of hypocrisy while failing to protect the southern border in a press release. Eze also emphasized that the foreign nationals on the bus had consented to be transported by signing waivers in various languages.

The White House is populated by many hypocrites, including, according to Eze, the hypocrite-in-chief Joe Biden.

Eze said President Biden and Border Czar Harris need to step up and do their jobs to secure the border — something they consistently fail to do — instead of their “hypocritical complaints about Texas providing much-needed relief to the overrun and overwhelmed border communities.”

Abbott has bused tens of thousands of migrants to sanctuary cities over the past year to put political pressure on Democrats and compel them to take more action on border security. His busing program has dropped off immigrants in front of Harris’s house before, but the Christmas Eve buses drew more criticism because the migrants were left without proper clothing while Washington was experiencing bitterly cold weather.

Authorities claimed that by abruptly deporting about 50 undocumented migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, the Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, created an “urgent humanitarian situation” in Massachusetts.

Two planes, most carrying adults and children, arrived on the island as part of what DeSantis’ office described as a relocation program to transport illegal immigrants to “sanctuary destinations.”

The left calls these strategies “stunts” while they lure people on the dangerous trek to cross the southern border illegally.