Gavin Newsom Staffers Tell Him He’s “Obsessed” With Fox News, He Admits

Gavin Newsom’s staff is concerned that he has an addiction to Fox News since he watches it nightly.

Newsom made his claim in an interview with Jen Psaki of MSNBC. 

The governor of California addressed the recent political polarization in the United States on an episode of Inside with Jen Psaki, where he blamed right-wing media personalities like Tucker Carlson and networks like Fox News, One American News, and Newsmax.

He said everyone he’s talked to (including the caucus he met that day) is incensed about being forced into the defense. The message has caused them great distress. Newsom informed Psaki that on the other side, there is the anger industry, the entertainment wing (especially within the Republican Party), and Fox News. By working to divide the United States, One American News and Newsmax have fostered a climate in which falsehoods are more widely pushed than the truth.

The ex-White House spokesman then asked Newsom whether he occasionally watches Fox News to see how the GOP is portraying itself to the public.

He said it wasn’t “occasionally.” He said he watches every night. 

In a follow-up question, Psaki asked Newsom if he felt Democrats should continue to appear on Fox or if he believed they should not appear.

Newsom said that Fox contributes to the state’s mental health crisis, adding that his experience has taught him that this is not a good idea. He said several staff members have tried to talk to him about it. 

The California governor said that he knows some people think he is obsessed with it, but he wants to know all there is to know about it. He wants to figure out the patterns of the right-wing rhetoric.

However, a month before he spoke with Psaki, the governor appeared on Fox News, where Sean Hannity interviewed him.