“Friends” Actor Will Delete One Name From His Books

By editing out some harsh criticism of Keanu Reeves from his memoir “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” published in November, Matthew Perry is headed in the right direction.

The “Friends” actor wrote a book in which he wondered why Reeves is still alive while “the talented guys,” like River Phoenix and Chris Farley, had all passed away.

The 53-year-old actor apologized to the “John Wick” star during an interview at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on Saturday, saying he may have misspoken about the actor.

Perry said he made a dumb remark, speaking on a panel moderated by Matt Brennan, calling it “a mean thing to do.”

The “Fools Rush In” actor made the revisions without consulting the “Speed” protagonist, yet he did so because they were neighbors.

Perry explained that he knew his name because they shared a wall. He said after publicly apologizing to him that he would remove his name from subsequent book printings.

He emphasized that he had not spoken with Reeves, adding that he’d apologize if he ran into the guy. 

After the excerpts went public, several famous people took to social media to defend Reeves. Rachel Zegler tweeted that she is thrilled Keanu Reeves walks among us,” while Linda Carter expressed the same thing. 

Throughout his decades-long addiction and sobriety struggle, Perry spent over $9 million. He once took 55 Vicodin per day.

He admitted to having tried 15 different rehabs and undergoing 14 other surgical procedures due to complications arising from his addiction. For two weeks, Perry was in a coma and on life support.

Part of his healing process included writing the memoir. The awful stuff, hospitals, rehabs, all of this flowed out of me,” he remarked, describing the release of his feelings.