Freedom Caucus Defies Biden’s Calls For Ceasefire

In an apparent slap at the Biden administration’s hardening position on Israel’s battle with Hamas, several Republican House members are officially rejecting demands for a Gaza truce. Furthermore, until an impartial and thorough inquiry has been carried out, they demand that the United States completely cut off all humanitarian assistance and other financial resources going to Gaza.

Republican Bob Good of Virginia, who chairs the House Freedom Caucus, is planning to introduce a resolution that, if approved, will denounce American authorities for urging a cessation of hostilities and the establishment of a Palestinian state. There are 18 co-sponsors.

President Biden has been encouraging a brief ceasefire in hostilities as an element of any agreement reached between Hamas and Israel to free Israeli captives held in Gaza.

Good explained to the media that Biden and Vice President Harris have consistently called for a truce in Gaza, undermining Israel’s defense efforts rather than unambiguously supporting our most important Middle Eastern ally.

As the war widens the gap between the Democrat Party’s moderates and its progressives, Biden is coming under increasing leftist pressure to criticize Israel more harshly.

To a large extent, Republicans have supported Israel’s position as America’s most reliable partner in the Middle East. Additionally, they have supported Israel’s efforts to dismantle Hamas, stating that a truce cannot be maintained so long as the terrorist organization is there.

After Hamas terrorists attacked Israel in October 2023 and murdered over 1,200 people, mostly civilians, hostages were taken by Hamas into Gaza in the hundreds. The assault prompted Israel to commence its bombing and ground invasion of Gaza.

According to the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry, which does not differentiate between civilians and militants, over 30 thousand Palestinians have been killed. Palestinian government officials have warned that the young are dying of hunger and lack of healthcare.

The humanitarian airdrops have caused civilian casualties. However, the United States Central Command has denied that its airdrops were to blame. Several Gazans were killed on March 8 during a humanitarian airdrop over the Al-Shati refugee camp. The victims were hit when a bundle fell on them because at least one parachute didn’t release correctly.