Dr. Fauci Accused Of Money Laundering For Insane Speech Cost

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Last weekend, social media blasted former NIAID head, Dr. Anthony Fauci, after it was revealed that he is charging up to $100,000 for speaking engagements.

On Sunday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ rapid response director Christina Pushaw tweeted a screenshot of Fauci’s profile from the Leading Motivational Speakers Agency website showing that the diminutive doctor could be booked as a keynote “motivational” or “healthcare” speaker for between $50,000 and $100,000 a speech.

Pushaw’s one-word response to the news was, “SERIOUSLY?!”

The agency’s website described Fauci as someone who had a career that “warrants execution under immense immense pressure that can alter the course of human existence.” The agency claimed that Fauci’s “saved millions of lives” and said his work is especially “amazing” considering “the grave challenges he faces on a daily basis.”

Unsurprisingly, critics of Dr. Fauci landed on Pushaw’s tweet like ton of bricks, blasting the former government bureaucrat for further profiting off of his controversial role in the pandemic. Others accused him of having an over-inflated sense of self-importance.

Substack writer Jordan Schachtel, an outspoken critic of both Fauci and the government’s pandemic response, tweeted, “Follow The Science Starting at 50K an hour.”

One critic asked what motivational message Dr. Fauci could possibly offer, asking if he would motivate audiences to triple mask.

Fauci is scheduled to deliver the commencement address at Yale Medical School in May.

In 2022, Fauci delivered keynote commencement speeches at the University of Maryland, Rhode Island’s Roger Williams University, and the City College of New York.

Biden’s former chief medical advisor was the highest-paid employee in the federal government. In 2019, Fauci earned $417,608. Forbes reported in 2021 that between 2010 and 2019, Fauci earned $3.6 million as NIAID director.

After the blowback on Twitter that followed Pushaw’s tweet, the Leading Motivational Speakers Agency removed Fauci’s listing from its website.