Donald Trump Best President In 30 Years, According To Poll

( According to a recent Rasmussen survey, former President Trump was voted both the “greatest” and “worst” president since Bill Clinton’s presidency.

When asked to rank the five most recent U.S. presidents, in order (Joe Biden, Trump, Obama, George W. Bush, Clinton) 36% said Trump was the greatest commander-in-chief, while 30% ranked former President Barack Obama in second place.

Yet, the survey indicated that 41% of respondents said Trump was the worst president in the previous 30 years, with 39% giving that designation to the current vice president, Joe Biden.

The margin of error for the survey, which was conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. and recorded the answers of 1,000 American adults over the course of three days (Feb. 13-15), was 3%.

George W. Bush received 9% of the vote for greatest president, putting him in third place, behind Clinton and Biden, who both received 8%.

Also, 8% of those questioned were unable to choose the best president.

Yet among those who voted for the worst president, Obama came in third with 5% of the vote, Bush came in second with 4%, and Clinton received just 3% of the vote.

Rasmussen’s poll revealed partisan differences, with 62% of Republicans rating Trump as the greatest president.

Among Republicans, Biden received the largest percentage of votes of disapproval, 64%.

Democrats who participated in the study were more likely to choose Obama as the greatest president (52% vs. 17%).

Most Democrats (70%) picked Trump as their worst president.

There was a plurality of 37% of voters who did not identify with either major political party; of these people, 39% rated Trump as the greatest president, surpassing Obama’s 27% approval rating, while 41% ranked Biden as the worst.

Looking at the data from a different angle, we find that whereas 23% of whites, 55% of blacks, and 36% of other minorities voted for Obama, 40% of whites, 21% of blacks, and 35% of other minorities voted for Trump as the greatest president.

Trump was regarded as the best president by people making between $30,000 and $50,000 per year, while he was rated as the worst president by those making over $200,000.

In the study, government workers were more inclined to rank Trump as the worst president.

For over half (48%) of respondents, the Presidents’ Day celebration (which honors the birthdates of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln) scored “somewhere in the middle” among the most and least significant holidays in the United States.