Doctors Cancel Protest At Last Minute Due To Backlash

In response to widespread online condemnation, the medical organization Doctors Against Genocide (DAG), which was planning to hold a demonstration at the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. on December 28, has decided to postpone the event.

After the terrorist assaults on October 7 by Hamas, the Israeli government’s reaction in Gaza prompted the formation of the organization. At a recent news conference, members of the DAG joined leftist lawmakers in calling for an end to the conflict in Gaza. Speaking during the conference, Democratic Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib sparked a social media frenzy on December 28 when she announced a “call to action” at the Holocaust Museum and the White House.

In a statement shared with X on Tuesday, the doctors addressed the controversy, clarifying that their event at the Holocaust Museum was meant to show empathy for Holocaust victims and raise awareness of the violence in Gaza. They also wanted to clear up any misconceptions about the event. No kind of bigotry is acceptable, and they reaffirmed their opposition to antisemitism, anti-Palestinianism, anti-Black hatred, anti-White hate, and all others.

After receiving feedback expressing disappointment with the first announcement’s ambiguity, the DAG apologized. Pro-Israel and Jewish groups were shocked and condemned the museum’s original statement, which the watchdog organization “StopAntisemitism.Org” characterized as “sickening” and “stomach-churning.” In response, the pro-Israel monitoring organization Shirion Collective characterized the move as an assault on both their very existence and Western principles.

DAG assures that “confronting and preventing genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity” is the main aim described by Doctors Against Genocide. The group’s immediate priority is putting a stop to the brutal Genocide in Gaza, but they have long-term plans to broaden their reach.

The doctors are against genocide; it’s in the title of their organization. When Tlaib is standing next to you, it is hard to believe anyone is talking about the murder of Jews that occurred on October 7. The organization was formed after the retaliation. The timing seems to reveal their agenda.