DeSantis v Newsom Debate Confirmed On Fox News

The much-anticipated debate between Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom will take place on November 30, NBC News reported.

Fox News announced last Monday that the debate will be moderated by host Sean Hannity and will air during his regularly scheduled primetime slot. While the specific venue has yet to be announced, the debate will take place in Georgia.

In a post on X, Governor DeSantis said he looked forward to debating Governor Newsom on their “very different visions for the future of our country.”

DeSantis campaign spokesman Andrew Romeo said in a statement that the debate will highlight the contrasts between “California’s failures” and “Florida’s success,” adding that it will show that Governor DeSantis is right when he says “decline is merely a choice.”

Romeo added that whether the 2024 Democrat nominee is Joe Biden or Gavin Newsom, both Democrats “offer the same failed and dangerous ideology” that got the country into “this mess.”

Governor Newsom’s spokesman Nathan Click said the California Democrat’s team wants “a real debate – not a circus.” He said the governor agreed to the debate on the condition that Governor DeSantis is not allowed a “cheering section” or any “hype videos.”

The idea for a debate between the two governors was hatched in June when Governor Newsom was interviewed by Sean Hannity.

During the interview, Hannity asked the California governor if he would be willing to do a 2-hour debate with DeSantis.

Governor DeSantis agreed to the debate in early August. However, negotiations dragged on for weeks as the two sides couldn’t agree to the proposed rules.

Governor Newsom has long fixated on Florida, often ignoring the problems in his state to focus his attention on the policies of Governor DeSantis. DeSantis has frequently hit back at Newsom while running for president, hammering California as a failed state whose residents are fleeing for other states like Florida.