Democrat Uses Bible To Promote Sick Political Agenda

( Last Wednesday, the Republican-led House passed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which requires infants who survive botched abortions to receive the same medical attention and care as any other premature baby.

Only one Democrat, Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar, voted in favor of the bill.

During the floor debate, several Democrats offered ghoulish and bizarre arguments against providing medical care to infants who survive abortion.

Illinois Democrat Jan Schakowsky argued that the bill would require “immediately taking a struggling baby to a hospital.” Feigning concern, Schakowsky said a hospital might be “hours away” and that journey “could be detrimental to the life of that baby.”

So the abortionist should be allowed to kill it? Wouldn’t that be “detrimental” to the baby’s life too?

But Jan Schakowsky wasn’t the only one to make that argument. New York Congressman Jerry Nadler argued that the bill “endangers some infants” by requiring the infant to be immediately taken to the hospital.

But hands down, the worst argument came from Michigan Congresswoman Hillary Scholten, who decided the way to justify opposing a bill that preserves the life of a child was by endorsing the innate value and humanity of the unborn.

The sanctimonious Scholten declared herself a mother and a “pro-choice Christian who chose life.” She said her “faith” informs her actions, “but it doesn’t dictate the policy of an entire nation.”

As a way to establish her “Christian” bona fides, Scholten chose to quote Jeremiah Chapter 1, Verse five: “I knew you before I formed you and placed you in your mother’s womb.”

Pro-life Christians often use this verse to establish the personhood of the unborn.

But Scholten used it as a “gotcha,” explaining that the verse does not say “the government’s womb.”

Scholten argued that she believes life is “precious,” and then she added the inevitable “But,” adding, “but I reject the idea that if I embrace the sanctity of life, I must also be forced to invite the federal government to regulate it.”