Cop’s Family “Furious” Video Shows Guard Wasn’t Killed On January 6th 

( According to a report, as Tucker Carlson revealed J6 security tape obtained from the United States Capitol building showing Officer Brian Sicknick was uninjured by election protesters, the officer’s family expressed outrage and called for Carlson to be silenced.   

The claim that a fire extinguisher caused Sicknick’s death was first reported by The New York Times. However, that story has since been withdrawn after being proven untrue.  

Video evidence of Officer Sicknick, a supporter of President Trump, wandering about the building and waving at protestors after he was purportedly slain by “insurrectionists” was discovered by Fox News host Tucker Carlson on his program Tucker Carlson Tonight. 

Reports show that for over two years, the Democrats and the Sicknick family have insisted, along with corporate media supporters, that Sicknick was slaughtered during the demonstrations.    

The media reported that he died from injuries sustained by a fire extinguisher being used as a weapon, but once a medical examiner determined that he had died of a stroke, they changed their story. 

Notwithstanding the apparent falsehood of their allegations, the story surrounding Officer Sicknick’s murder was instrumental in Nancy Pelosi forming the J6 Committee and in the subsequent persecution of American citizens who exercised their First Amendment rights. 

The US Capitol Police still have an incorrect public statement from January 7, 2021, on their website, despite the evidence showing that a mob did not slay Officer Brian Sicknick. 

After the Tucker Carlson Tonight program aired, the Sicknick family issued a public statement in which they asked for Tucker Carlson to be silenced and made derogatory comments about Trump supporters.  The letter can be read at this link.

According to a report, D.C.’s bureaucratic establishment, the mainstream media, the two parties in Congress, and government agencies have all harshly criticized Tucker Carlson. 

Mr. Carlson addressed the government’s animosity against him when he released the January 6th Surveillance footage and the resulting aftermath. 

Carlson said that we are learning who the liars are.