Coach Resigns From Social Media Over Controversial “Likes” Online

An article states that Glenn Schembechler, the son of legendary Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler, has been criticized for “liking” alleged racist social media messages.

As soon as the “likes” were brought to the notice of Michigan, Glenn “Shemy” Schembechler departed from his position as the assistant director of athletic recruitment.

Among the tweets that were ‘liked’ was one that said Jim Crow laws helped black people. He also “liked” tweets that were critical of Hakeem Jeffries, a black Democrat from New York.

Fox News quotes Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel stating that Schembechler had resigned from his role with Michigan Football effective that afternoon.

Manuel stated that they are cognizant of the fact that specific social media posts and likes have resulted in worry and grief for some members of our community. The Athletic Department and the University of Michigan are dedicated to creating an environment where all our staff, student-athletes, and coaches feel safe and valued.

After getting fired, the younger Schembechler seemed to go through his Twitter feed to “unlike” as many posts as possible. However, he did not complete the action quickly enough to stop others from snapping images of his account.

ESPN was informed by a person familiar with the matter that Shemy’s hiring process included a comprehensive background check.

Even before the revelation of his offensive tweets, the appointment of the junior Schembechler had caused considerable criticism. Some people assumed that coach Jim Harbaugh only brought him in due to his feelings for his previous mentor and coach, Bo Schembechler. 

Shemy has been at Michigan for a total of three days, although he has years of experience as an NFL scout but none at the collegiate level.

He was a veteran NFL scout who, up until February of this year, worked for the Las Vegas Raiders.  He was also a scout for the Chicago Cubs, the Kansas City Royals, and Washington Capitals.