China Unleashes 18 Warplanes In Stunning Update

Some 20 ships and airplanes from China have been sent to conduct “combat patrols” near Taiwan in response to concerns that Xi Jinping may launch an invasion.

There were fears that the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan, which had just elected a president opposed to Beijing, would refuse to begin peace negotiations, further escalating tensions with China. Lai Ching-te, China’s new hardman president, has been characterized by the Chinese government as a “total troublemaker.”

According to a report from the island’s defense ministry released on Wednesday, Chinese military activity in the area has increased significantly, reaching levels not seen before the elections. The water-locked state was patrolled by 18 Chinese airplanes and ships as part of the combined military preparedness patrols. China has made no secret of its desire to capture the self-governing island of Taiwan and has even gone so far as to stage mock invasions in military drills regularly.

According to some, a blockade or massive military invasion on Taiwan’s coastlines would be an effort by Beijing to assert authority over the island. There were rumors on Tuesday that Xi had replaced some senior army commanders with ” war-ready ” generals and fired a handful of others. Military analysts claim that China’s president is stern at work modernizing his army to make it more effective and ready for any kind of conflict, including possible strikes in Taiwan.

The security and prosperity of the Taiwan Strait area are closely related to the progress and prosperity of the world, according to Taiwan’s defense ministry. In light of possible dangers and difficulties in the area, the military is resolved to strengthen its capacity for self-defense. Be that as it may, China was slow to reply.

Democratic China claims the land and has not ruled out the use of force to establish control, while Taiwan runs its government, military, and currency. Taiwan recorded 103 Chinese aircraft on just one day in September, the most extensive deployment of Chinese warplanes.