Bus Driver Calls The Cops After Child Hands Him A Note

On Tuesday, a girl in Odessa, Texas, passed a message to her school bus driver begging for assistance, leading to the arrest of a man.

Odessa police officers were notified about the girl’s behavior and went to the address in the message to investigate.

A man and a woman, identified by police as the girl’s mother, were seated on the porch when authorities arrived. As the police officers got closer, the couple got up, went inside, and ignored the police knocks for several minutes.

When police finally spoke to the girl who sought the bus driver for help, she told them the suspect, 38-year-old David Amado Gonzales, had returned home drunk at around 1:00 a.m. According to the victim, Gonzales repeatedly hit her and grabbed her hair. She claimed he then placed a switchblade to her neck, causing a cut behind her ear, before biting her on the forehead.

Odessa police said the woman had cuts and bruises on her face and head that were consistent with that type of assault.

As of Thursday afternoon, Gonzales remained in custody at the Ector County Law Enforcement Center. Aggravated assault charges have been filed against him. 

The bond amount issued for him is $50,000.

In July of last year, Odessa was in the news about notes, although these were notes being left by the criminals. It’s a depressing story of utilizing the cover of being spiritual and moral people to rob.

For months, residents of an Odessa community dealt with auto break-ins.

Bible verse notes left on automobiles are a common sight, but unfortunately, they were also serving as a beacon for thieves.

The criminals drove around in cars acting like they were putting uplifting religious notes on car windshields when they were just scoping out potential targets for future break-ins.

People were returning to their cars with the notes on them, many victims of smash and grabs.