Biden In Meltdown Mode Behind Closed Doors

According to reports,  in January, President Joe Biden was informed by his associates in a secret conference at the White House that his popularity in Georgia and Michigan had declined due to his stance on the conflict involving Israel and Hamas.  Biden was fuming.

He cannot afford to lose any of these states, in which he was nearly defeated four years ago, to Donald Trump. According to an anonymous politician present during the discussion, Biden started yelling and cursing.

The politician said he told the group he thought he was doing the right thing despite the political implications. Asked about the incident, White House spokesman Andrew Bates said that Biden bases national security judgments solely on national security requirements.

A report reveals that President Biden’s inability to make progress against Trump is causing the Democrats to grow anxious. Biden is still trying to find methods to win over Americans with his policies and sometimes questions his travel and communication choices.

Biden claims the economy has generated fifteen million new jobs, but he feels he isn’t receiving enough credit.

Given his past, it seems unlikely that he will fully recover. Current polling by Gallup shows that Biden’s 38% approval rating is lower than that of Trump’s 48%, George H.W. Bush’s 39%, and Jimmy Carter at 43%, all of whom lost reelection.

An acquaintance with internal discussions claimed the 81-year-old president, surrounded by protective advisers who wish to reduce his constant gaffes and falls here and there, has chafed at restrictions.  Members of his party seem to be becoming more impatient with him.

On March 19th, while leaving for Nevada to rally Latino support, Biden almost slipped on Air Force One’s shorter stairs again.

While speaking at a Women’s History Month event the afternoon before, Biden stumbled on the name of his vice president, Kamala Harris.