Biden Humiliated After A Discovery On His Website

The tone of Biden’s re-election campaign thus far seems to have a veil of incompetence shrouded around it.

It started from moment one. The tepid applause he received after he announced his hat was in the ring was followed by the launch of his campaign website. Although he didn’t give people the “web number,“ it would have been better if people couldn’t go there to see it.

A photo of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris smiling and laughing together appears on the homepage beside the phrase, “Together, we can finish the job for the American people.”

For the “meme-makers” of the world, the web developers teed it up for easy parody.

Pictures of the site’s front page, with the motto modified to many of Biden’s most embarrassing gaffes, soon circulated throughout social media.

The phrase “Together We Can” followed things like “Tank the Economy Even Lower.” 

“Together We Can… Add Up To One Brain.”

You get the idea.

Most of the memes dealt with Biden’s declining cognitive abilities. While the left dismissed the memes as childish jokes, Biden recently misled a room full of confused reporters by announcing that he would be holding a “major press conference” that afternoon.

He was asking for the current crop of reporters he was facing to leave because he was pressed for time owing that he had a “major” press conference later in the day.

One CNN reporter responded by saying, “This is news to us.” 

No such press conference had been scheduled.

An updated meme could read, “Together We Can… Hold a Major Press Conference.”

According to a recent poll, Donald Trump has a 6% better chance than Joe Biden of being elected president for another term in 2024.

The re-election campaign is not going as planned. The more the public sees Biden, the lower his polling goes.

Many more Americans agree than not that Trump, at age 76, is more equipped than Biden to serve a second term in office, both mentally and physically.