Biden Forgets Woman’s Name While Awkwardly Singing Happy Birthday

( President Joe Biden delivered remarks at the National Action Network Martin Luther King, Jr. Day breakfast last week and began to sing “Happy Birthday” to MLK III’s wife, Arndrea Waters King, according to The Gateway Pundit. Singing off-key was not the only issue with the situation as Biden soon forgot Arndrea’s name.

“Well, look, my wife has a rule in our family, when it’s somebody’s birthday, we sing happy birthday,” Biden said confidently before erupting into song.

The botched song was immediately lambasted by users on Twitter.

“Biden’s Happy Birthday song, rightfully attached to the Curb Your Enthusiasm exit. This entire administration is one fumble after another,” Former Oklahoma Republican Party Communications Director Miles Rahmi tweeted.

Freedom Speaks Up CEO Seth Weathers mockingly called the video clip “Saturday Night Live,” saying that the comedy show was “finally funny again.”

The address comes after the unveiling of a new statue in Boston commemorating MLK and his wife. Kin of Coretta Scott King said that the $10 million statue looked like male genitalia, according to The New York Post. The bronze piece, called “The Embrace,” is reportedly symbolizing the moment MLK won the Noble Peace Prize in 1964 and hugged his wife Coretta.

Seneca Scott, Coretta’s cousin told the Post that members of the media were reporting on the statue and calling it beautiful because “they had to say that,” adding that “woke” culture allowed the abstract piece. The organization that commissioned the project, Embrace Boston, stated that “all representation is an abstraction.” Responding to the statement, Scott said that the “woke algorithm is broken.”

“Ten million dollars were wasted to create a masturbatory metal homage to my legendary family members—one of the all-time greatest American families,” Scott wrote in Compact magazine.

Martin Luther King III reportedly approved the sculpture by conceptual artist Hank Willis Thomas.