BBC Apologizes After Dogged Attack On Harry Potter Author

( Evan Davis, the host of Evan Davis’ PM on BBC Radio 4, talked about the much-anticipated debut of the video game Hogwarts Legacy, based on the best-selling novels by J.K. Rowling and will be available on Friday, February 10.

An incident took place last Thursday on the program.

After a radio guest was allowed to disparage J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, without being more explicitly challenged with questions, the BBC apologized.

Stacey Henley joined the discussion, and Davis encouraged her to talk more about Rowling and the video game. Henley, a trans woman, serves as editor-in-chief of the video game website The Gamer.

Henley commented on Rowling promoting transphobia and having a “campaign against trans people” throughout the session.

The radio DJ, Evan Davis, remarked, “Obviously, J.K. Rowling wouldn’t say she’s transphobic.”

This angered women’s groups.

Following the program, Davis came under fire for neglecting to refute Henley’s accusation against Rowling forcefully. One women’s organization described it as “perfunctory attempts.”

Although Davis disputed that it was his goal to allow the guest to criticize Rowling, the BBC decided to apologize on behalf of the program and Rowling supporters.

Rowling has received harsh criticism in recent years for remarks she made on gender that some have called transphobic.

She tweeted in 2020 that if gender isn’t binary, there isn’t same-gender desire. The lived reality of women throughout the world is lost if gender isn’t authentic.

Rowling said she’s met and cared for trans individuals, but by eliminating the idea of gender, many of them lose the opportunity to have meaningful conversations about their life.

She said speaking the truth is not hatred.