Actor Clears Up Fake Rumors Around His Health

John Amos, famous for his acting in “Good Times” and “Roots,” cleared up rumors that he was gravely ill and needed help, according to The Daily Caller. Amos had to release a statement updating fans on his health after his daughter made a social media post asking for fans to donate on their GoFundMe. 

Shannon Amos claimed that she received a phone call last month about her father being in a hospital in Memphis. While in the ICU, his life was allegedly “hanging by a thread.” Shannon continued to say that her father is a victim of elder abuse and financial exploitation and assured that it is being investigated by the Colorado Bureau of Investigations. She then suggested that everything within his home has been taken from him. 

But these claims were disputed when a representative for the movie star released a statement. Amos reportedly said that he wished for the GoFundMe campaign to stop and for refunds to be issued. He then said that more information will be posted by him and his son in due time. 

The campaign garnered around 307 donations and made $12,000 of its $500,000 goal but it has since been removed. 

It is unclear why Shannon made the post, but she has since been active on social media. Recent posts suggest that there may be some disagreement in the family. Her latest image is of a quote saying, “The journey towards truth often demands our willingness to embrace the discomfort of unraveling falsehoods.” 

Another image was posted before her call for help reading, “letting go of toxic family is like reclaiming the pen to write your own story, no longer bound by the script of their dysfunction.” Comments on Shannon’s recent posts have been turned off.