High-Ranking Judge Seriously Wounded After Getting Shot

Khalfani A. Hardwick, the son of Johnny Hardwick, a Montgomery County Circuit Judge, is facing charges stemming from a stabbing and shooting incident that occurred at the judge’s home during a domestic dispute that left him critically wounded.  The judge is still in the hospital.

According to Montgomery Assistant Police Chief Wesley Richerson, Judge Hardwick—who is the presiding judge over Alabama’s Fifteenth Judicial Circuit—was critically injured in a domestic dispute with his son.  What caused the incident is a mystery.

Reports show Khalfani Ahmed Hardwick (36) was arrested within an hour of deputies responding to the house at about 1 p.m.  Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham asked that everyone keep the judge in their prayers.

According to records from the Montgomery County prison, the younger Hardwick was still in custody as of February 26th on accusations of first-degree assault involving a domestic violence incident and a felony handgun charge.

Khalfani Ahmed Hardwick was indicted on attempted murder charges in 2017, according to local reports. Hardwick was set to go on trial in 2016 for shooting Clayton Riley in the skull in 2014, but he ultimately decided to plead guilty. His original charge was then reduced to second-degree assault.

The mayor of Montgomery, Steven Reed, stated that Judge Hardwick sought to remove bail requirements for nonviolent crimes. In his spare time, he helped form 100 Black Men of Greater Montgomery and was an outspoken advocate for the youth in the region.

According to court documents, 36-year-old Montgomery resident Khalfani Ahmed Hardwick is facing attempted murder charges concerning the shooting and stabbing of his father, Judge Hardwick. His first court appearance was on February 27th, and an extra charge followed shortly after. Records indicate that Khalfani was first accused of being a criminal in possession of a handgun and assault involving domestic violence.