WWE Icon Gets Cancer Diagnosis 

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Alexa Bliss, a WWE superstar, announced her skin cancer diagnosis on Instagram on Wednesday. 

Bliss showed off a photo of herself in which a huge bandage covered one side of her face. After discovering her illness, she sent a letter to her younger self in which she reflected on her diagnosis and its implications. 

Her first line said, “Dear younger me, You should have avoided tanning beds.” After reassuring her fans that she was doing OK, the professional wrestler said, “All clear now though.” 

Bliss sent a message of thanks to the American Skin Institute, saying that the staff there “took excellent care” of her during her recent operation. 

Following that, the professional wrestler took her cancer conversation to a different social media platform. She engaged in some back-and-forth with her devoted followers, who were visibly anxious for her safety. She seemed to take great pleasure in responding to their questions about the famous fighter. 

A fan wrote to Bliss and inquired how she was doing. 

“Please accept my gratitude; she reassured the questioner that the healing procedure would go rapidly. She said that they should have their skin checked often. Particularly if “you like to bask in the sun or visit tanning parlors often!” 

Another Twitter user questioned what symptoms drove Bliss to see a doctor and if she had noticed any unusual lumps or markings on her skin. 

Asked whether she had a pimple, Bliss said, “Well, there was a spot on my face.” That’s when she started saying it “had deteriorated to an even worse level. So, we decided to undergo biopsies.” 

The diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma, the most common form of skin cancer, was shared with Bliss’s audience. 

The surgeon found more squamous cells while working on me. Was easy to do quickly. She said, “I’m delighted and I never miss a chance to have my skin evaluated.”