World Economic Forum Declares “Age Of Human Robots Is Over”

( In yet another example that globalists are creepy, anti-liberty psychos, on Monday, the World Economic Forum released a video on Twitter featuring three “futurists” predicting what human life will look like after the so-called Great Reset. Their vision of the future is a bit on the dystopic side – foretelling of a world in which technology replaces the “age of human robots.”

And by “human robots,” they mean people.

It’s as if these people have never seen a single science fiction movie in their lives.

To excitedly talk about developing “diminished reality” glasses that allow you to filter seeing other people either means that woman has never had a single positive human interaction in her life or she’s just terribly broken. Or both.

Whatever little faith people still have in science and “experts” goes out the window with this video. Editing genomes in order to “write a new code for life?”

“Redesign organisms for beneficial purposes?” The last redesigned organism unleashed a global pandemic. And this woman wants us to be excited about that?

Anti-Woke mathematician James Lindsay responded to this creepy video in a fantastic Twitter thread, and he hit the nail on the head.

Calling them freaks and “genteel quasi-Marxist elitist dorks with soft hands,” Lindsey points out that their goal is to reshape the world “according to their vision” – a vision that “is already failing.”

Lindsay argues that, like most Marxists who want a world without work or industry, these people live very comfortably in a world built by others they cannot understand. And they are so full of arrogance and pride that they believe the work that built this world is “exploitation.”

Lindsay slammed them for having no understanding that honest work or being proud of it is “a huge part of ‘understanding what it means to be human.’”

He’s right about that. These oddball “futurists” don’t envision a future where humans are living up to their fullest potential. What they want is the ability fundamentally alter human nature. And that is an impossibility. Sure, they might sound smart; they may seem esoteric and thoughtful. But they are utterly detached from reality.

Fact is, they don’t need to wear “diminished reality glasses” since their diminished reality appears to be built-in.