Woman’s Reaction to Biden Handing Her Medal Goes Viral

On May 17, Gabina Mora lit up social media with her somewhat adverse reaction after President Joe Biden presented her with a posthumous Medal of Valor Award on behalf of her son NYPD Wilber Mora and his heroic action, who was killed on duty. 

In January 2022, Jason Rivera, 22, and his partner Wilbert Mora 27, were shot to death by an unnamed gunman. The two officers were in Harlem, New York, responding to a call about a dispute between family members. 

Mora and Rivera placed themselves between a mother and son and a gunman who shot them multiple times in an apparent ambush. 

Rivera succumbed to his wounds soon after the incident, and Mora died four days later. Mora had been a NY police officer for four years. Rivera had been on the job for just 14 months.

Another officer who received the Medal of Valor at the same ceremony, Sumit Sulan, shot the gunman 45 seconds after getting the civilians to safety.

The mother’s reaction after receiving her son’s award from President Joe Biden raised eyebrows across the media as she didn’t seem interested in Biden’s remarks. As she stepped back in line, she was seen rolling her eyes at Rivera’s widow.

In total, The Medal of Valor was presented to three FDNY firefighters, three NYPD police officers, an Ohio sheriff’s deputy, a Colorado police official, and a Houston police officer President Biden,

 On Friday, thousands of police officers packed New York City’s Fifth Avenue as they paid tribute to their fallen comrade, Jason Rivera. 

The noteworthy mourners attending the funeral included Kathy Hochul, Gov. of New York, Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader, NYC Mayor, and former policeman Eric Adams. 

Dominique Luzuriaga, widow of slain officer Jason Rivera called out Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for failing to keep NYC citizens safe. 

She told the crowd that the new laws and policies of DA Bragg were not working, receiving a standing ovation.