Woman Who Attacked Trump Banned From America

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Scottish comedian Janey Godley, who famously protested the arrival of then-President Donald Trump at his Scottish Turnberry golf course back in 2018, now claims that she has been banned from entering the United States following the controversy.

If you don’t remember the incident, Janey arrived at the golf course holding a sign with extremely foul language. It said “Trump is a c*nt,” in capital letters. She was warned by police officers and told to stay back, but a photograph of her standing with the sign went viral. Democrats and left-wing activists in both the U.S. and the U.K. thought it was hilarious, but writing in The Times newspaper, she says it’s gotten her banned from ever visiting America again.

“My first trip abroad was Florida in 1989, with my daughter Ashley and the husband whose name I never mention,” she writes in the newspaper. “We stayed outside Orlando and went to Disney World which was utterly magical.”

Goldey added that she would love to go back to the United States “now that Joe Biden’s in charge” but that she’s been “barred from travelling to America since I welcomed Trump to Turnberry with that ‘Trump is a c*nt placard.”

If true, it would mean that a Trump supporter in the State Department – or someone connected to the State Department – went out of their way to find out the name of the women who held up an offensive sign, and that broke various rules and possibly even laws to ban her from entering the United States.

While it’s entirely possible that happened, there’s no evidence that this is why she can’t enter the United States. It’s also entirely possible that Goldey has had some run-in with the police in the United Kingdom where she lives which has prevented her from being able to travel to the United States using a B2 tourist visa or an ESTA visa waiver.

What do you think – would President Donald Trump and his team really have gone out of their way to waste time on banning someone from the United States over a mean placard, or could Goldey just have fallen foul of rules dictating whether foreign nationals can enter the United States?