Woman Threatened To Shoot Donald Trump In The Face

A woman in Chicago has been charged with federal crimes after allegedly sending emails containing death threats against former president Donald Trump and his son Barron.

A criminal complaint filed this month in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida accuses 41-year-old Tracy Fiorenza of making two threats to a high school principal for students aged 17 and under in Palm Beach County, Florida, in May and June.

Fiorenza showed up to court for the first time wearing a skull T-shirt.

She “publicly declared” that at the next opportunity, she would shoot Donald Trump and his son Barron “square in the face!”

In an allegedly bizarre email written on May 21, Fiorenza threatened to “slam a bullet” into Barron’s head “with his father IN SELF DEFENSE [sic],” and in another sent on June 5, she reiterated her threat but added that she would do so “with his father.”

The lawsuit states that later that month, Fiorenza received a phone call from the United States Secret Service requesting a meeting at their Chicago field office. Fiorenza admitted that she was the sender of the emails and that they were sent from her residence in Plainfield, Illinois.

After the incident, She was arrested on accusations of making terroristic threats through interstate commerce. The highest possible sentence for this crime is five years in jail.

Fiorenza remains in the custody of the United States Marshals Service.

Since Barron Trump is a minor, prosecutors reportedly asked that she be detained until she could be transported to Florida and tried in a juvenile court. The hearing will be held in the Sunshine State.

Her detention coincides with heightened political tension in the United States. The next presidential election is just 14 months away, and Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump is already facing criminal accusations in four separate cities.

On August 9, FBI agents opened fire on 75-year-old Utah resident Craig Robertson in an attempt to apprehend and search him. The gunshots killed Robertson.

Allegations that he threatened to assassinate President Biden and other influential Democrats led to the issuance of the search warrant. Those notable Democrats include Vice President Kamala Harris and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.