Woman Rescued From Storm Drain After Hand Spotted

On Tuesday, rescue workers rescued a lady from Indiana when they saw the woman’s fingers poking through the grates at the ground level of the storm drain where she was trapped.

Shortly before 3 p.m., department bike unit members were conducting routine patrols around the East Gate area of Indianapolis. During their shift, they encountered a peculiar sight. According to a Facebook post by the Indianapolis Fire Department, patrol officers observed a hand poking up through a manhole cover.

The manhole cover was removed using ropes, chains, blocks of wood, and a large clamp by the Indianapolis Fire Department.

To free the lady, it took more than twelve policemen from the fire and police departments to work together.

According to a statement provided by a police spokeswoman to The Post, the female had entered the sewage area at a separate site to explore, but she got confused and lost her way.

After being transported to the hospital, the lady, who was said to be approximately 50 years old and looked to have picked up a little bit of dirt during her exploration of the cave system, was discharged in good health.

The authorities do not know how long she was lost in the subterranean tunnels or how far she traveled before calling for help. They also do not know how she found her way out.

In March, while exploring a storm drain, Due to their interest in the underground sewage, five youngsters from Staten Island were also lost in a storm drain and managed to call 911 when a cell phone caught a signal. They had crawled through a hole close to the zoo in the municipality and then wandered for around a quarter of a mile before becoming disoriented and losing their route.

Flash flooding while in a storm drain would most likely prove fatal.