Woman Fined After Putting Up Sign Calling Out Joe Biden

(FreedomBeacon.com)- One of the signs that you live in an authoritarian country is the inability to criticize the nation’s leader…so we should probably all be concerned that two residents in New Jersey have been threatened with fines for displaying anti-Joe Biden signs outside of their property.

Reports suggest that property owner Patricia Dilascio was ordered by Roselle Park’s Municipal Court Judge Gary Bundy on July 15 to take down three of the 10 flags she proudly displayed outside of her home. If she failed to remove those flags, the judge threatened Dilascio with a fine of $250 for every week that the flags remained.

The flags that the judge insisted should be removed included the phrases “Joe Biden Sucks, “Socialism Sucks, Biden Blows,” and “F*ck Biden.”

Let’s be clear: this wasn’t a judge telling someone to take down a flag that contains bad language, given that two of the flags ordered to be removed did not contain any curse words.

Dilascio and another New Jersey resident also targeted by the ruling chose to take action against the decision. The American Civil Liberties Union will represent Dilascio with attorney Alexander Shalom in challenging the local residential ordinance.

Apart from the fact that it’s pretty surprising that the ACLU is representing someone who clearly despises Joe Biden, this story underlines an important point of American law and constitutional rights.

Since when has it been illegal to display political flags outside of our homes? Has a judge ever ruled that a Democrat must take down their LGBTQ+ and trans flags from outside their home?

Jeanne LoCicero, the New Jersey Legal Director at the ACLU, said that every New Jerseyan should have the right to express themselves under the First Amendment, describing the ordinance against posting obscene signs as something that should “never have been applied to political signs.”

We’ll update you on the progress of the case.