Woman Dies After Unsuccessful Suit to Get Ivermectin

(FreedomBeacon.com)- A Florida woman who was hospitalized with COVID-19 nearly three months ago died on Friday after her husband’s unsuccessful attempts to get her doctors to treat her using the anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin.

Tamara Drock, 47, had been in Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center for twelve weeks. In October, her husband Ryan sued the hospital after doctors refused to administer Ivermectin to his wife.

Palm Beach County Circuit Judge James Nutt rejected Ryan Drock’s lawsuit arguing that Drock had no constitutional right “to demand a particular treatment.” Nutt also warned that having judges countermand a doctor’s decision could set a dangerous precedent.

Because Ivermectin was not proven effective in pre-clinical trials, the Food and Drug Administration has not approved it for treating COVID-19.

Judge Nutt urged Ryan Drocks and the hospital to try and reach an agreement on their own. One doctor did agree to administer Ivermectin to Tamara Drocks, however, the family’s attorney didn’t accept the offer, arguing that the dosage he agreed to provide was too low to be effective.

Ryan Drock, who also contracted COVID but recovered, told reporters that he wasn’t giving up the fight, saying he hopes they pass a law named after his wife “so no one has to go through this.” Drock believes if Tamara had received Ivermectin, she would have “walked out of the hospital.”

Tamara Drock’s condition took a turn for the worst in September. Doctors sedated and intubated her, placing her on a ventilator.

In his attestation submitted with the lawsuit, Ryan Drock offered to sign a waiver releasing the hospital from liability should they agree to treat his wife with Ivermectin. He said that Tamara’s physician had previously prescribed the drug for her.

Jake Huxtable, the attorney representing the Drock family told reporters that, despite Tamara’s death, he has filed an appeal with the Fourth District Court of Appeal, explaining that they were moving forward with the lawsuit “to potentially help other patients in the same situation in Florida.”

Huxtable said the suit was about freedom of choice, arguing that Tamara Drock “had the freedom to choose” to be treated with Ivermectin, but the court and the hospital didn’t allow her that freedom.

Tamara Drock was a kindergarten teacher for sixteen years. She leaves behind her husband and two children ages 12 and 14.