Woman Dies After Being Trapped In Car During Blizzard For 18 Hours

(FreedomBeacon.com)- In Buffalo, New York, a 22-year-old woman was discovered dead in her car after spending 18 hours trapped due to blizzard conditions. This incident was caused by a deadly weather system that affected many areas of the country over the weekend.

Anndel Taylor was caught in the dangerous storm while traveling home from work in Buffalo, according to WSOC-TV reports from Anndel Taylor’s family members who live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Shawnequa Brown, a relative, told the station they didn’t know how serious it was. They weren’t watching the news, so they weren’t aware of what was happening in Buffalo.

According to WSOC, Taylor shared a video of the terrifying conditions while expressing her concern about the rapidly building blinding snow during a family group chat.

Taylor told a different relative that “she was scared,” according to Brown, who also told the station.

According to WSOC, Taylor dialed 911 and was waiting for emergency personnel who could not locate her.

Another Taylor family member, Wanda Brown Steele, revealed to the station that she intended to wait out the storm by sleeping before taking a walk home.

Taylor’s family told WSOC that she was discovered dead in her car after spending 18 hours trapped inside.

A second Taylor relative told the station that, in her opinion,  everyone who tried to reach her got stuck, including the fire department and the police.

Although Steele told the station she thought Taylor died of carbon monoxide poisoning, WSOC reported that some have questioned whether Taylor died of hypothermia.

She explained to WSOC that because the car was running and snow was still falling. She froze up after the car cut off, according to the witness.

According to the station, the tragedy occurs between Christmas and Taylor’s impending birthday.

Shawnequa Brown told WSOC that despite “a lot of crying, she still got presents under the tree.”