Woke Activist Caught With Harmful Images Of Children

A woman who was jailed in Arkansas for possession of child pornography has been exposed as a “non-binary” gender activist by independent reporter Andy Ngo. Regina Allen was charged on February 8 for possessing or viewing sexually explicit conduct involving a child. Allen, who goes by the name Ringo M. Valentine, is held on $150,000 bond at the Saline County Detention Center and faces twenty counts in total. 

Andy Ngo, who writes about extreme left figures and campaigns, later wrote that Allen uses they/them pronouns and lives in Benton, Arkansas. Ngo examined Allen’s Twitter account and found that she had begun her transition in 2021 with cross-sex hormone therapy. Using capital letters, she wrote about her desperation for “top surgery” and testosterone so she could grow a mustache and sideburns. “Top surgery” refers to the surgical removal of breasts from females “transitioning” into males. 

Mr. Ngo also documents Regina Allen’s membership in the so-called “furry” community – a subculture involving people who dress as animals to engage in sexual activity. 

When she was arrested in Arkansas, prosecutors referred to Allen simply as a “woman.” Attorney General Tim Griffin announced her arrest, as well as that of Eric T. Brown, who was charged with 12 counts of child pornography possession. 

Allen is among a growing number of transgender activists implicated in child sex abuse. Police in Michigan arrested William and Stacey Horner in January and charged them with two counts of possession of sexual abuse material and two counts of using a computer to commit a crime. 

In that case, Andy Ngo also investigated and found that Mr. Horner used a trans identity online and a filter on social media to make him look much younger than his 43 years. Horner regularly posted on Twitter that people accused him of “pedophilia” and complained about how offensive this was. He said the accusation “genuinely starts to hurt,” and he was “living in fear” because of it.