Witchcraft-Obsessed Woman Stabs Victim After Mental Hospital Escape

Earlier this month, a mentally disturbed lady in the United Kingdom attacked a stranger as he was out walking his dog in a park. Before the assault, the lady had fled from several mental institutions.

32-year-old artist Emma Borowy is a schizophrenic who has a fascination with witchcraft. Borowy killed two goats in what was described as a “sacrifice” ceremony, which led to her earlier arrest.

Before she brutally stabbed 74-year-old Roger Leadbeater, Borowy had vowed to “stab someone in the heart” three weeks earlier.

No information about her mental treatment or her motivation for traveling forty miles to Sheffield has been made public by the authorities.

According to Angela Hector, the victim’s niece, she learned about Borowy’s lethal attack yesterday by “seeing it on the television.” Authorities had once again let her family down, she said.

Tragically, Mr. Leadbeater was murdered while out on a stroll with his springer spaniel, Max. He lay dead with his loyal dog by his side. He was a “nice, hard-working and respectable guy” whose family remembered him as someone who drove special needs students to and from school.

The report said that the assault is thought to have been random, and Leadbeater died from his knife wounds. According to reports, Borowy was a Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust patient when the incident occurred.

While Borowy was a resident of Fearnhead Close, a neighbor claimed that she confided in her about her schizophrenia and autism diagnoses.

Borowy, according to her neighbor, had a “passion for witchcraft” and would place star symbols and stone arrangements about her house, in addition to making homemade “voodoo dolls” out of toys.

She participated in a “ritual” killing where she butchered goats. Animals with shattered bones and slashed necks were subsequently discovered.

A pentangle, a sign used in black magic, was discovered beside the goats where a hole had been excavated.

Borowy’s dad said that his daughter had checked into mental health facilities in Warrington, Salford, and Bolton but that she had no trouble escaping.