Why Mitt Romney Was So Wrong About Sending Polish Jets To Ukraine

(FreedomBeacon.com)- In an opinion piece at the Mitt Romney fan site Deseret News, Valerie Hudson, a professor from the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University took issue with Mitt Romney’s warmongering demand that President Biden reverse his decision not to send MiG fighter jets to Ukraine.

After the Biden administration announced last Wednesday that the US would not pursue a plan to have Poland send MiG fighter jets to Ukraine, Senator Romney, eager to drag the US into a shooting war with Russia, demanded to know why President Biden scrapped the plan and argued that the US should send those planes “immediately” because Ukraine asked for them.

It was reported on Friday that President Biden personally intervened to scuttle the plan after the Pentagon and intel agencies warned that such a move could escalate the conflict further and increase the risk of the US getting into a direct conflict with Russia.

Romney wasn’t alone in opposing the decision. Nearly every Republican senator signed on to a letter expressing their disagreement and calling on the President to transfer the MiGs to Ukraine.

In her op-ed, Hudson argues that Biden’s decision was the right one and Romney is wrong. She writes that the Republican senators who signed onto the letter “should be ashamed of themselves” for using the situation to score political points by attacking Biden.

Hudson makes some valid points in her op-ed, but there is more to the Republicans’ motives than just trying to score political points. While there is a political element to this, that’s only part of the problem.

The fact is, too many Republican lawmakers want to escalate the conflict because, sadly, too many Republicans would be okay with starting a shooting war with Russia over Ukraine.

Hudson concludes her column by suggesting Senate Republicans have become “too far removed” from the Cold War to remember the “destructive power of nuclear weapons.” Then she laughably expresses relief that Joe Biden “is old enough to remember” what is at stake.

Joe Biden didn’t make this decision because he remembers the Cold War. Biden doesn’t remember what he ate for breakfast.