Whoopi Goldberg Has Meltdown Over Bill Maher’s Latest Statement

(FreedomBeacon.com)- During the Friday broadcast of his HBO program “Real Time with Bill Maher,” host Bill Maher repeatedly criticized the political Left’s paranoia over the COVID pandemic, calling them “bananas.”

Maher also suggested that their over-reaction to COVID has made Democrats look bad, arguing that the so-called Party of Science has frequently embraced things that have nothing to do with science, like wearing a mask when you’re outside or believing the virus can get you while walking into a restaurant, but not when you’re seated at a table.

One of Maher’s guests, liberal journalist Bari Weiss, admitted that many of the people who overreacted to COVID, including herself, are now starting to realize how insane their reaction was.


And to prove Bill Maher’s point, the vicious hens from ABC’s The View had an insane reaction to Maher and Weiss’ comments.

Co-host Whoopie Goldberg got all huffy with Maher’s “flippant” remarks. She said Maher didn’t want to join in the paranoia, he should “stay away from everybody.”

Whoopie deployed the go-to Leftist “that’s not funny!” complaint, telling Maher that his jokes aren’t funny to people who’ve lost their kids “to the vaccine” (she probably meant the virus) or to those who lost family or friends.

Then Whoopie claimed nobody wants to have to wear masks or any of the other paranoid things, but they have to if they want to protect their families. She claimed that we have to keep doing this because children under five can’t get vaccinated and we have to protect them.

Yeah, but according to “the science,” children are at the least risk of contracting COVID. So Whoopie is pretty much proving Bill Maher’s point. Her demand that everybody wear masks to protect children is not based on science.

Then co-host Sara Haines inadvertently blew up Whoopie’s argument that nobody wants to do this by suggesting that wearing masks is “the new normal.” She admitted that she may never feel comfortable without a mask.