Whoopi Goldberg Attacks Audience for Her Verbal Mistake

Whoopi Goldberg attributed her verbal slip-up on “The View” to a distraction caused by the studio audience during the commercial break. 

During the aired segment, she mistakenly used the term “b****es” instead of “beaches,” which occurred in a discussion on Monday’s ABC noontime talk show episode. 

She also acknowledged her struggles with sequencing topics amid the ongoing writers’ strike.

Goldberg’s confusion was evident when she could not recall the following post-commercial discussion topic. 

This was primarily because she failed to number her topics on the note cards prepared before the show.

“Without our usual writers, my sequence is off. 

I jot things down but don’t number them, leaving me clueless about the following topic,” Goldberg expressed her frustration, seeking help from her co-host, Sara Haines.

Despite the initial confusion, Goldberg regained composure and smoothly restarted the segment, glossing over the previous missteps. 

She started, “Welcome back. A poll—” followed by a sudden burp, for which she excused herself.

She said, “A survey of 2,000 UK adults revealed that culinary experiences are prioritized over landmarks or b****es … I mean, beaches!” 

Her slip-up elicited an uproar of laughter from the audience and her fellow hosts, to which she patiently waited for it to die down.

Attempting to recover, Goldberg apologized and jokingly pinned the blame on the studio audience. 

“This is on you guys!” she asserted but did not disclose why, stating they had been discussing something else during the break.

Goldberg strived to realign the segment to the original topic, probing her co-hosts about their preferences when traveling: “Do you concur? 

Is the food the primary concern?” she queried.

Co-host Ana Navarro played along with the ongoing joke, replying, “I’d travel anywhere for a good b****.”

Navarro herself made waves during Monday’s show, passionately defending President Joe Biden, asserting that the actual narrative isn’t potential corruption but rather Biden’s unconditional love for his troubled son, Hunter Biden. 

She was visibly emotional during her defense.