White People To Be Denied Medical Treatment To Fight “Racism”

(FreedomBeacon.com)- New York State announced that it will prioritize non-white people in its distribution of COVID treatments currently in short supply.

The state’s Department of Health released guidelines detailing its plan to distribute such treatments as monoclonal antibody therapy and antiviral pills that include a section on the eligibility people must meet to receive treatment. A potential patient must have “a medical condition or other factors” that increase the risk of severe illness.

And one of those “other factors” is being a race or ethnicity that is not white.

Why is being non-white considered a risk factor for COVID-19? Well, according to the New York Department of Health because of “longstanding systemic health and social inequities.”

In short, just being “non-white” or “Hispanic/Latino” puts you at higher risk for COVID.

So if you are a relatively healthy black woman with no underlying comorbidities like obesity or heart disease, you will get priority for antiviral treatment over a white woman with heart disease. Because just being black, no matter how healthy you are, is considered a “risk factor” in New York State.

When news of this race-based healthcare exploded earlier this week, a spokeswoman from the New York Department of Health dismissed the controversy, arguing that prioritization guidance used by the Health Department “comes directly from the CDC.” Erin Silk told Fox News that neither race nor ethnicity “would disqualify any individual from receiving treatment.”

That’s a slippery answer.

Erin Silk is arguing against a point nobody made.

Nobody is claiming white people are being denied treatment. The contention is that New York is prioritizing non-white people based on the assumption that just being non-white is a “risk factor.”

Sure, they aren’t stopping white people from getting treatment; they’re just telling white people to get to the back of the line.

In a column earlier this week, Georgetown law professor Jonathan Turley argued that what New York State is doing with COVID treatment is similar to what the Biden administration attempted to do with COVID relief money. And both fall into the same unconstitutional trap.

Turley notes that race-based medical preferences are both “legally problematic” and “practically unnecessary,” and added New York doing so will only contribute to the “uncertainty and division” surrounding the COVID pandemic.