White People Banned From Internship With London Mayor

A job listing for a paid internship with the Transport for London prompted blowback last month over its requirement that applicants be of “non-white heritage,” Breitbart News reported.

Transport for London was seeking applicants with a communications background in public relations, media, and marketing for an internship paying £21,824.

Under the “What you’ll need” section of the job notice, applicants are told that they must be from a “minority ethnic background” like Asian, Afro-Caribbean, or some other “non-white heritage.”

Unsurprisingly, the notice prompted outrage from right-leaning UK pols, including former Brexit leader Nigel Farage.

In a tweet responding to the job listing, Farage exclaimed, “End racist adverts!”

Reclaim Party founder, actor Laurence Fox asked in a tweet what the response from the media would be to a job listing that included, “blacks need not apply.” Fox said such a statement would cause “justifiable outrage from every corner of the insipid media.” He added that it was galling that white people are accused of having privilege when what they are is “persecuted.”

Scottish comedian Leo Kearse tweeted that systemic racism does exist “and it’s anti-white.”

Just a week earlier, the Scottish Daily Express reported that a job listing for a teaching position in the Glasgow City Council was taken down after Leo Kearse kicked up a fuss over the job being restricted to “minority ethnic” applicants only.

According to the report, the Glasgow City Council claimed that the listing had been posted online “by mistake.”

While the City Council said the job listing was posted to the website due to an administrative error, it maintained that the “minority ethnic” requirement was in keeping with the city’s commitment to increasing diversity among teaching staff in a way that is permitted under equity laws.

Kearse, a regular on GB News, accused the Scottish government of racism for excluding white applicants in a country that is 96 percent white.