White House Tells Americans To “Sacrifice” More

(FreedomBeacon.com)- President Joe Biden thinks that Americans should be sacrificing even more, despite suffering the horrific economic damage from the COVID-19 lockdowns for more than a year.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Tuesday that Americans should be prepared to wait even longer to restart their lives.

“The country has been shut down in one form or another for more than a year now and people have missed birthday parties, weddings, baseball games, going out to restaurants,” Psaki said.

They’ve also lost their jobs…and livelihoods…and houses…

“It is difficult, it is hard, and what he’s asking people to do is to sacrifice a little bit longer, and he will continue to make that case and make that argument,” she added.

Psaki added that she understands that the president “recognizes that this has been a long and difficult journey for the American people,” but that doesn’t really help the millions of Americans who are still out of work because of the effects of lockdown.

This week, President Biden suffered a setback for his plans for schools to reopen, with data showing that a large majority of American students won’t be returning to in-person learning even when it becomes available to them. The data, which was released by the White House, showed that roughly 46% of public schools began offering a full five days of in-person learning to all students in February, but just 34% of students were taking up the offer to return to class full time.

Older k-12 students were the least likely to return full time to school, with less than 30% of those students going back full time, according to the Associated Press.

The data came from a survey of 3,500 public schools across the countries, and it also found that school openings were almost identical in February to January, with President Biden no closer to reaching his goal of reopening most of the nation’s elementary schools full time within the first 100 days of his administration.

“We’ve also seen communities where local mayors, businesses have conveyed to their communities that we need to hang together, we need to remain vigilant, we need to wear masks and we will get through this together,” Psaki also said this week.

You hear that, America? Just suffer some more!