White House Struggles to Explain Rising Prices

(FreedomBeacon.com)- As President Biden’s approval numbers on the economy continue to crater, the White House is struggling to land on the perfect messaging to try and turn Biden’s fortunes around.

After months of downplaying the public’s economic fears and dismissing concerns over persistent inflation, President Biden has increasingly shifted his tone to confront these concerns more directly.

In his speech announcing nominees for the Federal Reserve, President Biden said on Monday that he knows for a lot of Americans, “things are still very hard.”

Good of you to notice, Joe.

Of course, Biden didn’t take any responsibility for making things “very hard.” Instead, he blamed it on the pandemic. It’s COVID-19 that is driving up costs, don’t you know.

But it isn’t that “things are still very hard;” it’s that things were starting to get better under Trump, but now have gotten even harder since Joe Biden became President of the United States.

Gas prices skyrocketed, not because of the pandemic, but because President Biden choked off US energy production.

Inflation skyrocketed, not because of COVID-19, but because Congress and the President flooded the economy with another trillion dollars in so-called “COVID Relief” spending just as Americans were already getting back on their feet and no longer needed the “relief.”

For ten months, Biden and his administration have tried to put a rosy picture on the economy, dismissing inflation as “transitory” and claiming higher prices were a sign that the economy was improving. So to turn on a dime and now claim that the pandemic has caused all this economic hardship the White House spent months denying is laughable.

And when they aren’t pointing fingers at COVID, Biden and his administration have blamed high prices on Big Oil, OPEC, price-gouging companies, and of course Trump.

But pointing fingers isn’t going to solve the problem.

And expressing concern or offering Americans his version of Bill Clinton’s “I feel your pain” won’t solve it either.

If Joe Biden really wanted to turn his approval numbers around on the economy, rather than express sympathy for the Americans who are getting crushed by his failures, he could reverse his destruction of the US energy sector, cancel his ridiculous COVID mandates, get out of the way of small business, and put a stop to Congress’ trillion-dollar spending sprees.

But that’s never going to happen while Democrats hold the White House.