White House Staff Walking Away 

(FreedomBeacon.com)- On Wednesday, a pair of White House press secretary Karine Jean-staff Pierre’s members are leaving the office. 

Jean-Pierre has announced the latest round of personnel departures from the White House Press Office, with press assistant Megha Bhattacharya and her assistant and Chief of Staff Robbie Dornbush departing the organization. She spoke some kind words about the two people who had been “valuable members” of her team. 

She said that Megha joined her team in February of last year, and she hasn’t stopped beaming in all that time. She said she’s never seen somebody so cheerful and so absolutely great.  

Jean-Pierre said, a cheerful expression never leaving her face. She said Megha had screamed thanks to the press in every room of the White House and on three separate continents. She said she is graceful, hilarious, always “dressed to the nines,” and managed it all with style.  

She said her staff and the press community at large would miss her. 

She then turned her attention to Robbie Dornbush, who she characterized as someone who hardly requires an introduction. She said that as head of staff, Robbie ensures that everything goes smoothly in the press office. She informed the press that Robbie is the conduit between her and many of the media, and she assured that he always got to the office before anyone, no matter how early. 

In early June, press office senior staffers left the White House, causing a significant personnel shakeup. The press office’s previous chief of staff, Amanda Finney, has moved on to become a senior communications director at the Energy Department, while the White House has announced that the assistant to the press secretary, Vedant Patel, will serve as the deputy spokesman for the State Department. 

Gwin is now working as the deputy assistant secretary of public affairs for the Treasury Department. Soon after, Jean-Pierre revealed the departure of another employee, White House press assistant Michael Kikukawa, who also accepted a position as a spokeswoman for the Treasury Department.